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Welcome to the LiveJournal's Mobile community!
ex_dmitryko387 wrote in ljmobile
Here, you can get the scoop on all things mobile, including product enhancements, new releases, and feature updates. You'll also find quick pointers on how to post entries and comments, upload images, access friends pages, and more, wherever you go!

This is also a great place to give us feedback and share ideas with other LiveJournal users about our mobile application. We want to hear what you like, what we need to improve, and what features you'd like us to develop. Your input makes us better.

LiveJournal Mobile Team

I always keep trying to log in from my phone (LG GW300, it's a J2ME phone), but I get so many redirects that I don't stay logged in. Anyone else? I've found a TinyLJ app, but it doesn't let me add tags to my posts.

What about if you are on blackberry ad not Windows or iPhone?

Amen! A Blackberry app would be VERY nice.

Also, when I used to go to any lj user's livejournal (e.g. http://usernamehere.livejournal.com/) on my blackberry's browser, it USED to give me a very nice, simple version of their lj. (simple white background, no sidebars or topbar) Now I get this messed up, hard to read, version. In order to get what I want, I have to enter in the URL of the LJ I want to go to, THEN I have to click on the top part that says "Go to Mobile Version", THEN I have to click on "Read Journal..", THEN I have to enter the username which I wanted to read, and FINALLY click "Read". This has increased a 1-step process into a 4-step process, and it is VERY annoying.

This change occurred about the same time the DDOS started around July 25th or 26th. Is it possible that SOME of the DDOS is caused by the extra strain on the server from Blackberry users who now have to go thru a 4-step process and load a page twice in order to see it correctly? Maybe?

What I'm asking is: Is there ANY way I can get LJ to load the *OLD* way on my blackberry? Or at least can they add a link to the top of the page that goes directly to the livejournal mobile version of THAT PAGE? Please???

Welcome to the LiveJournal's Mobile community!

hi could you be so kind to create a lj app for nokia e63?

Re: Welcome to the LiveJournal's Mobile community!

Here here! I second this.

(Deleted comment)
I have the same prob... =/

Any plans for an app for Droid phones in the near future??

how do i sign up for that..

Hey LJ Mobile team.
I just downloaded the new app today. I am blind, and I use the Voiceover screen reader on the iPhone.
I was able to update my journal just fine. However, I'm not able to read the friends page. I don't know how it's coded, but Voiceover doesn't seem to detect that there is text there.
Overall, the application looks really cool.

Quite interesting.I've gotta try it on my Hp PDA.

this is cool. i always wanted this on the go. can't have my laptop every where but got my iphone 24/7.

Welcome to the LiveJournal's Mobile community!

An LJ app for htc phones would be awesome.

Is there a way to go to your inbox on the mobile version?

This is the way of knowing everything in the world

On my Samsung Jet 8000 I always get "DNS Error" trying to access m.livejournal.com. I have no problems with the mobile pages of facebook etc.

Why do I keep getting errors with no page loads? Is this not compatible with Palm Centro?

I hope there will be ljmobile application for Blackberry.