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LiveJournal app for Windows Phone, v.

Hi all! Hope you have had a nice holidays. I'm here with some news about LJ mobile app.

In my previous entry some users have asked me about LiveJournal application for Windows Phone. I suppose some of you don't know that it exists already and works for WP 8 and 7.5. You can download it here.

Here's what you can do with it:

  • read your Friends page

  • read and post comments

  • read any journals

  • read your own entries

  • create, edit and delete entries

  • upload photos

  • create polls

  • create and save drafts

  • manage list of your friends

A few days ago we've released an update, where the existing problem with comments display was fixed.

Further development of application for Windows Phone will catch up with app for iOS and Android. This means that all changes promised for iOS and Android will be released for Windows Phone a little bit later (approximately at the end of 2013). So far, the main focus is to increase stability and reduce errors.

Upd: Looks like language bug is still here. WP team is notified and will look into all issues reported in this post.

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