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LiveJournal app for Windows Phone, v.
manu wrote in ljmobile

Hi all! Hope you have had a nice holidays. I'm here with some news about LJ mobile app.

In my previous entry some users have asked me about LiveJournal application for Windows Phone. I suppose some of you don't know that it exists already and works for WP 8 and 7.5. You can download it here.

Here's what you can do with it:

  • read your Friends page

  • read and post comments

  • read any journals

  • read your own entries

  • create, edit and delete entries

  • upload photos

  • create polls

  • create and save drafts

  • manage list of your friends

A few days ago we've released an update, where the existing problem with comments display was fixed.

Further development of application for Windows Phone will catch up with app for iOS and Android. This means that all changes promised for iOS and Android will be released for Windows Phone a little bit later (approximately at the end of 2013). So far, the main focus is to increase stability and reduce errors.

Upd: Looks like language bug is still here. WP team is notified and will look into all issues reported in this post.

The lj app was f*ed up for all of 2012. It better work now!

jesus this blog is dead

no wonder if the app is available in australia only haha

When will the iPhone have the same functionality? I can post, but not edit or delete entries.

Are you sure? I can. You click on the blue subject line of the post and there's an edit button in the top right.

When will I be able to access my inbox from the LJ app? I have it for Android and cannot find that function. Either that, or it doesn't exist. I have to exit out of the app and open up the browser on my phone instead.


Seriously, the Android app sucks! Been looking for something better for awhile now.

I use the ElJay app from google play. It's very basic, but you can post to your journal and read your friends page.

Thanks for this post, I did not know. Just installed, it looks like quite decent app.
Now I can remove the horrible Android version from my tablet :)

Please, make possible to copy text from friends-posts in iOS version!

Can I upload pics by this app?? No.. Unfortunately..
Also I need to read my msgs without going to the usual net browser..

Thanks to you guys for trying to fix these defects.

Congrats, you managed to muck LJ up again!
Getting GOATS all over the place.
You really should be proud of yourselves.
(in case I am drawing a SHELDON here, that is SARCASM)

God this icon always freaks me out.

It really needs an easier way to change the language from Russian to English (e.g. a selection when you first run it?) - I had to blindly tap a few Cyrillic buttons and lists until I found something saying English and then optimistically click OK on a couple more dialogue boxes. Still, got there in the end and looks good so far!

Any chance you could give a hint as to where this mysterious option for changing the language to English is? I've been tapping at the Cyrillics blindly for a while now with no luck and I'm worried I'll screw up all my settings in the process...

Smart move updating the next orphaned mobile platform and ignoring Android...smooooth

I tried to leave the following comment via the app and kept getting an error that the post didn't exist. Hmmm...

I've used the app on my Android phone for quite a while now with few complaints. Now I am using it on a new Nexus 7. w
What I would really love to see is a) notification of replies to posts and comments and b) a widget that I can put on one of my screens at a fairly decent size and just flip to it rather than clicking a little icon and waiting for it to load and then updating manually.

Can someone tell me how to set a profile picture from the app on my iPod please? Xoxo

Even though I'm not sure about all Apps, in iOS you can't do it.
In current iOS LJ App you can only choose your userpic while creating new post.

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