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LiveJournal app for Android, v. 0.4.1
manu wrote in ljmobile

Hi all! My name is Manuel Marciales. For a long time I was creating new products in LiveJournal.com, and now in my responsibility is the whole mobile direction of the project.

I'm here with some good news. Yesterday we released the new version of the mobile app, where some critical bugs were fixed. There were some problems with data storage, but in 0.4.1. everything works correctly.

According to our information the app crashed after opening, loading comments or uploading userpic. These bugs were fixed. Besides that userpics are now displayed correctly and there are some changes in friends page and journal page view.

Please know that we are aware of any errors and bugs in the existing application. The next year (second quarter roughly) we'll release a new application for iOS and Android - it turned out that it's easier to write a new app than to fix all existing bugs. I'll announce the new app in this comunity.

Can't wait for the new Android app! Excited about that kind of stuff.

So am I!
We hope you won't be disappointed.

how to view post with many images? tap to view each?

Yeah, that's quite annoying, even with only one pic per post. In the course of reading your friends page you have to keep tapping constantly. Would be nice if they just loaded automatically and you could just scroll nicely and see everything that's not behind a cut.

it turned out that it's easier to write a new app than to fix all existing bugs

I'm sure this isn't symptomatic of the CADT model of software engineering, although I've always been a believer in the power of code that is 95pc there and already shipping,

The problem with Android LJ App is that it was not in-house dev.
Also iOS and Android development have had different managment teams, separate bug trackings, different requirements, etc.
Current approach means that we will have one management team for all applications (and it's not only LJ App, but the whole mobile story for the next year - it's huge actually and I will write a post here after new year).
We have iOS App as reference and Android as catch-up (because of difficulties in Android development, thanks to Google) with the same feature list, similar UIx, one QA team and shared bug tracker, etc., etc.

Thank you, will try it again

Unable to post a private/group entry.

Thank you for the heads-up.
I'm looking forward to getting the new Android app!

заяебись, че

Edited at 2012-12-29 10:35 am (UTC)

Тащемта да например, чо уж.

Edited at 2012-12-29 09:23 pm (UTC)

I will try it again, but you didn't mention a bug I hated the most... when the "post" or "add comment" button is just disabled for no reason. Might not be an app problem, the web client "new version" does this to my iPad too.

Yep, annoying. But not stability critical. Will check it right after new year vacation though.

The app cannot handle polls with pictures practically at all

Thank you for fixing the constant crashing issue. I'm looking forward to seeing the future development of the Android app; it's been neglected for far too long, in my opinion!

Thank you! Looking forward to bothe android & iOS.

Excellent! Since I downloaded the LJ app to my iPhone, it's handled roughly 90% of my LJ interactions, so improvements are welcomed with glee! Suffice to say you've been doing a fairly good job so far.

Congratulations and good luck on your new position!


And by the way - new LJ App is not the only application we will release next year.
For example, approximately in 1-1.5 months we will send to Apple and Google new application for approval. It will be working as one journal - one application and some parts of it will be used in the new upcoming LJ App (e.g. new commenting system). It's a long story and not as strange as it seems on the first sight, so I will describe it in this community soon.

Could it not display random bits of text before you open the full entry, particularly when you've put stuff behind a cut tag? That'd be awesome. Also, if when you tapped to load more, it didn't say something to you in Russian, I would like that. Your iPhone app is fairly competent; why is the Android app so poor in comparison?

We will fix up text displaying in future releases if there will be enough time for it. Localicalization problems will be fixed too.

Is there any way to enable images to load automatically on the Android app, like they do on the iOS app?

It could be made for futere release.