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LiveJournal app extends support across more Symbian^3 and MeeGo devices
ex_dmitryko387 wrote in ljmobile
We're pleased to announce that our application for Symbian^3 and MeeGo is now available across a wider range of Nokia phone models.

While the earlier version of the LiveJournal application was available only for Symbian^3 Belle mobile phones, the new version is now available on Symbian^3 Anna and Symbian^3 PS1 platforms.

Check under the < lj-cut > for a list of additional supported models and download links. Enjoy!

Symbian^ 3 Anna/PS1 (download it here)
  • Nokia 500
  • Nokia C6-01
  • Nokia C7 Astound
  • Nokia C7-00
  • Nokia N8-00
  • Nokia Oro
  • Nokia T7-00
  • Nokia X7-00
  • Nokia E7-00
  • Nokia 702T
  • Nokia E6-00
Symbian^3 Belle (download it here)
  • Nokia 500 Belle
  • Nokia 603
  • Nokia 700
  • Nokia 701
  • Nokia C6-01 Belle
  • Nokia C7-00 Belle
  • Nokia N8-00 Belle
  • Nokia Oro Belle
  • Nokia X7-00 Belle
  • Nokia E7-00 Belle
  • Nokia E6-00 Belle
MeeGo (download it here)
  • Nokia N9
  • Nokia N950

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Oh great, just what I've been waiting for.


How about updating the android apps! Because they suck!

100% This x10^100000000000000

Now it's the best time to launch PalmOS apps!

I don't agree that the Android apps suck -- I have both LiveJournal and Eljay -- but it'd really be nice if they'd let you edit community posts.

Perfect, was waiting for a long time.
Looks good, and makes good impression.

When will there be a fix for the iPhone app, which STILL doesn't work?

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Thank you! Anything in the timeline for Blackberry users?

Symbian S60v5 support

Please, add Symbian S60v5 support!

Generally a good experience. Wish the filter would let me select my friend groups, like I can on the website.

Ovi Store says the app is not compatible with Nokia 808 Pureview (Symbian Belle). And it won't let me download it to test it even (because it's the OVI store and it knows best).

Will there be an update for that phone? please?

I have the same problem. Maybe I should ask LJ support about it.

Edited at 2013-05-25 08:53 pm (UTC)

this is a good news for me and nokia lover.now i can have livejournal in my phone.woooooooooowoo!

Edited at 2014-02-22 08:00 pm (UTC)

Thats brilliant...

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