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LiveJournal 1.1.0 app update for iPhone/iPad arrives
ex_dmitryko387 wrote in ljmobile

We've recently updated our iPhone/iPad app to version 1.1.0! Big additions in this version include the ability to read any journals and support for YouTube and Vimeo video media.

Updated features in this version include:

  • Read any journals
  • Journal viewing history
  • YouTube and Vimeo video support
  • Addition of 'lj-like' tag to entries via toolbar
  • Links to LiveJournal entries and comments now open within the LiveJournal app interface
  • Various application bugs fixed

Tell us what you think. Feedback and suggestions for new LiveJournal app features are always welcome. For technical support issues, please contact the LiveJournal support team for assistance.

The app won't load for me now that I've updated. Once again, the LJ app FAILS.

maybe the app is now having a DDOS attack. In about 3 weeks they will be "allowed" to tell us why the app doesn't work. After that the app will still not work for 2 more weeks. After that it will launch and still be just as buggy as before. At least they are consistent.

Any chance you made the lj app friends page work correctly? whenever I go to look at my friends page, I see about 5-10 new entries and then the rest of the page contains entries from the last time I looked at my friends page "usually a month beforehand because the silly thing doesn't work"

It did the same thing to me but when I turned my phone off and then on again it worked fine.

full of bugs but where I can find the alternative ?

Great another iphone update. Thanks for the Droid love. We have the shittiest lj app ever and all you guys do is keep updating the iphone one. I feel the love, people, really.

Don't feel too bad. The iPhone one might get updated but it never works right.

Just installed the update and so far it looks ok.

Many many thanks for this application!!

iPad iOS 4.3.5

1. Settings >> Post Defaults >> Security
This had been changed to Public, different from the previous default.

2. Friends >> YouTube
I can select the embedded media, but it only displays the first frame and will not play the video.

Thanks for commenting on the settings!

Отлично, теперь и видео проигрывается на iPad 2

I'm on the updated app right now & so far, loving it. I wascompletely unable to use it after the last update, so I'm very happy.

I was given a message to upload the app from the iTunes store on my computer. I can't load it on the iPhone. Error messages.

cant download, as always just errors

I just want the app to be FASTER. 1.0 loaded like a turtle.