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LiveJournal app for iPhone/iPad version update
ex_dmitryko387 wrote in ljmobile
Introducing version 1.0.0 of our LiveJournal app for iPhone/iPad.


In this update, we've improved the application with the following new features and upgrades:
  • Full commenting support
  • Renewed design
  • Improved entry loading interface
  • Full screen view of images
  • Russian localization
  • Japanese and Arabic language support
  • Bug fixes
  • etc.
Tell us what you think. Feedback and suggestions for new features regarding the LiveJournal apps are always welcome. For technical support issues, please contact the LiveJournal support team for assistance.

Hrm... Well just did the update, sat for 3 minutes and it was still just showing the pencil, not loading. I'll stick with the other LJ app I guess?

(Deleted comment)
When is the Android app going to have more options available????

This is great, but how about an update for the Android app, hmmm? That would be much appreciated.

Updated successfully. Immediately notice a new problem. Only those comments appear that belong to main tree of replies, others are hidden. Also, can't get rid of the number of unanswered commets on the main application icon.

It is actually all the comments, it just shown like two levels.

I hope there will be LJ app for blackberry users soon. :'(

1. Непосредственно под постом видна только основная ветвь комментариев, дополнительные - скрыты. Раньше к ним можно было перейти по стрелке, а сейчас стрелки для перехода не видно.
2. Ярлык программы на дисплее и ярлык журнала в меню программы показыают число неотвеченных комментариев. Я эти комментарии просмотрел, ответа они не требуют. Могу я как то убрать эту цифирку? Она уже не оповещает, а только путает.

I like the face lift! It looks great but I long for the day when I can click on a community link and can go to that community and see it in full...

Actually I like it much better especially for iPhone...:) good job guys thanks!

On my iPhone it loads much quicker now. That's a plus. Will check out the rest and let you know. :)

why does android always get the shaft?

The new iPhone version is great. Thanks for all the hard work, you guys!

hasn't crashed yet, which is a 100% improvement from before when it was so useless i uninstalled it.

we'll see how the next few days go

I can not see all my friends posts with the new lj for iPhone. Sad face!

I cannot see my friends' posts and do not have the option to edit, as shown in the screen caps here, in the help section, or in the app descriptionin the Apple App Store!! PLEASE FIX!!

Just downloaded it to my iPad. Will check it out!

Thank you SO much for this much-needed update! Pictures used to take forever to load (if at all). Comments load faster too.