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Introducing LiveJournal for Android!
ex_dmitryko387 wrote in ljmobile

We’ve got great news for Android users! Announcing the first official LiveJournal app for Android, which lets you access LiveJournal’s core features wherever you roam.

Download the LiveJournal app for Android, and you can:

  • Post entries to your journal and communities
  • Post photos
  • Create and post polls
  • Edit your last journal entry
  • Compose and edit drafts
Manage your app settings for mobile posting

Use the QR-link to download the application from your mobile device:

(To download the app through the QR-link, launch Google Goggles and place your mobile device in front of the screen. Click on the link to visit the Android-Market page where you can download the app.)

Tell us what you think. We invite you to post your feedback to this entry. If you need immediate assistance, please contact a member of our support team.

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I literally just downloaded this last night... I didn't realize it was so new!

So far I really like the interface; I just wish I could view my FL on the app! But it's really user-friendly and has lots of helpful short-cut features.

The news post announcing this says that the ability to read f-lists will be in the next version/update of this app. :)

YES!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! :D

Is a BlackBerry app in the works? I use the mobile site, but it works horribly.... :(

(Deleted comment)

Excellent! I can finally get this on my work phone now. :D

Any plans to actually fix the iPhone app while you're at it? The existing one can hardly be considered a functional app.

(Deleted comment)
If by 'this' you mean the post you replied to, then it's on your friends page because you are following the ljmobile community.

Any chance you're going to fix the iPhone app? I'm embarrassed to even have it on my phone.

It works once when I install it, then it won't do anything the next time I open it, have to delete and reinstall to get it to work. Not exactly what I would call "in working order".

I have that problem too!!! Drives me nuts!

Hooray! :D Let's hope this works better than iOS app - I've got it on my iPod, and it's not the best-run app out there.

Still - downloading this right away!

It's an interesting app (downloaded to my HTC Inspire earlier today). Biggest drawback for me is the inability to read my friends list via this app.

The news post announcing this says that the ability to read f-lists will be in the next version/update of this app. :)

(Deleted comment)
I've had my droid for two months now and this was one of the few things that I really wanted for it!

Numfar! Do the dance of joy!!!!

Lets hope its better than the iphone app, which is totally crap. I don't know why you even bothered releasing it, it's that bad.

Have downloaded and will play around w/it tonight. We so needed a good LJ app for droid!