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Updated app for iPhone/iPad, v.0.6.3
ex_dmitryko387 wrote in ljmobile

  • A critical bug that caused the application to crash after pressing "Add comment" in OS 4.2.1 has been fixed.
  • Fixed the bug that was causing duplicate postings.
The updated app is avalible at the AppStore.

If you need immediate assistance with the mobile application, please contact a member of our support team.

I wasn't affected by this issue, but thanks for the quick update. :-)

Sometimes when I hit the "View Comments", I'm presented with a second login where I have to re-enter my username and password.

This is annoying, and needs fixing. Other than that the app is coming along well!

Thanks so much for reporting the bug fix. I love the app but the crashing, not so much :)

Works a lot better now thanks. I am liking that the comments can now be viewed in the app too.

Updated on my iPod, working great! Just curious if there was ever going to be an app made for BlackBerry?


2 strange things in app:
- When I am starting a new post and then I don't want to post it - there is no way to remove keyboard and go to another tab. GUYS, how to get out of there??????

-can post entry only to my own journal, can't post to community (I see the list of communities, but can't choose from there. This is really annoying especially in conjunction with first bug.

Re: bugs...bugs...bugs...

I have the same problem with posting to communities.
I know i am already a member, but there are no drop boxes for me to choose from. In post settings, when I set it to community instead of my journal it still posts to my journal.

Nope. Still doesn't work. It crashes each time I try to load anything.

I'm pig sick of this now, tbh.

Thanks for the update. Comment-crashing was really annoying.

i cant post to my journal.says something like access not allowed.help?

Thnx for updating. The app works better indeed.