December 29th, 2012

  • manu

LiveJournal app for Android, v. 0.4.1

Hi all! My name is Manuel Marciales. For a long time I was creating new products in, and now in my responsibility is the whole mobile direction of the project.

I'm here with some good news. Yesterday we released the new version of the mobile app, where some critical bugs were fixed. There were some problems with data storage, but in 0.4.1. everything works correctly.

According to our information the app crashed after opening, loading comments or uploading userpic. These bugs were fixed. Besides that userpics are now displayed correctly and there are some changes in friends page and journal page view.

Please know that we are aware of any errors and bugs in the existing application. The next year (second quarter roughly) we'll release a new application for iOS and Android - it turned out that it's easier to write a new app than to fix all existing bugs. I'll announce the new app in this comunity.