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iPhone/iPad App Upgrade
ex_dmitryko387 wrote in ljmobile
The new version of the LiveJournal iPhone/iPad app supports a full-screen display for the iPad. We've also made numerous improvements on the LiveJournal iPhone app.


Here are some of the key enhancements:
  • Adapted for the iPad (full screen interface)
  • Ability to view in horizontal mode
  • Adapted for the iPhone 4
  • Improved Filter Friends page
  • View links to other sites with the built-in browser
  • Spell-check and auto-correct for posts, comments, and messages
  • Text formatting improvements, including bold, italics, underline, and strikeout
  • Improved mapping of content
  • Improved performance and content rendering
  • Improved application stability with multiple bug fixes
You can provide feedback by posting your comments at this entry. If you need immediate assistance with the mobile application, please contact a member of our support team.

Mine crashes instantly whenever I click the link to try to leave a comment- every time I've tried. This is on iPhone.

great update, mine won't load and keeps crashing :(

I haven't updated, but I've had problems where the app will hit some magic point where it will not allow me to upload photos--the whole bar that should appear when you're typing in the entry field never appears. I have to delete the app and re-download it, though after some period of time it loses the bar again.

I just updated the app on my iTouch last night, I'll have to play with it today... NOW, if only I could find a good LJ app for my droid phone. Le sigh.

The download for iphone4 doesn't work.

I'm on a 3Gs and if I try to "add comment" from my friends page the app crashes. I can only add comments if I open the entire post.

сделайте поддержку фликра или других фотосвалок и цены не будет вашему лймобилю

when are you going to give android users some love

works even worse then before, still no ability to view comments in the app (launches a browser), adding comments doesn't work. no multitasking support, blank screen when scrolling to top have to click refresh for posts to reappear.

I hate the fact that to see comments I have to open a browser. I mean, I've used LJ on my iPod Touch for years now, and I've always done it via Safari. What good is an app that works less well and offers less functionality than just going to the site in the first place?

To name just one bug...

Tapping the first image IN THIS POST when viewing my friends list using the latest version of the app on an iPhone 4 brings up a whole series of error messages. Have you guys even heard of QA?

I find it bothersome that clicking on 'view comments' on a friends post the app redirects you to LJ Mobile within the app. The UIs for the app and LJ mobile are different. If you're not logged into LJ mobile, you have to relogin... kinda of defeating the purpose of your login information on the app itself.

- Need to be able to view comments in the app.
- Need to be able to tap on embedded media to view it (Youtube videos and such)
- Shouldn't freaking CRASH when you try to leave a comment. Come on guys did you even do basic unit testing on this?

Sorry to bitch but this obviously wasn't thought through. Work on it a bit more, because the way it is now it's easier to just use Safari.

These are my thoughts too. +1

It's good but it could be better.