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The new mobile version of LiveJournal is now available!
ex_dmitryko387 wrote in ljmobile
We're pleased to announce the new mobile version of m.livejournal.com.

When you visit m.livejournal.com, you can:
  • Read your Friends page and your journal;
  • Read other journals and communities;
  • Read comments to any posts;
  • Post to your journal and communities;
  • Post comments and reply to other comments.
If you need immediate assistance with m.livejournal.com, please contact a member of our support team. You can provide feedback and make suggestions for future features by posting your comments at this entry. We look forward to hearing what you think!

Any news on a better LiveJournal iPhone app?

(Deleted comment)
I definitely like it more, although reading more than 15 comments is a serious exercize in patience. Also, it's a bit sluggish sometimes. But it does load pictures, which is awesome!

Agreed. I don't get why comments are such an issue. Inthe actual app you can't even read them. You need to go to the browser. Odd things that developers tend to not focus, yes? You'd think for a site built on "community", comments would be a priority.

now that my iphone LJ app is working, i'm a happy camper.

Any possibility of being able to select userpics when posting through the mobile version?

Stupid question:
I'm on my iTouch and it says there are no updates for any of the apps I have... How do I get this new version of the app?

Kristen - it's not an update for the App.

Took me a few minutes to figure it out myself, it's a web page optimised for mobile devices. They could just have used a Blackberry or one of the 'other' devices. The iPhone made me think it was an update until I saw there were no updates at the store. HTH. Ian

I never joined this comm, I never selected to watch this comm. So I am really, really curious as to how I'm suddenly "watching" this community, and seeing this entry on my flist when I've never even heard of ljmobile before today.

I think when you use the LJ Mobile you are automatically signed up because I didn't join it either. At least I don't remember doing such a thing.

Blackberry Version please? Or does this work with blackberries?

It's not an app - they just used an iPhone to demonstate - it's a url to an optimised site :-o

On the iPhone version you have to click to view pictures in a post. Can this be fixed so the pictures show up the way they do on the mobile site? The ability to select your photo for a post in the iPhone app would be appreciated as well.

I'd love to be able to select a custom filter for posting instead of Public, Friends or Private only - I rarely use those options! Thank you.

I think you can - I just posted a test message to LJ Macintosh and further down the screen was an option to pick those options you want. This was from an iPhone but NOT using the iPhone App. I used the LJ mobile thingy. Should be the same on all devices.

This is a billion times better than the previous mobile website. Thanks.

However, an official Android app would still be welcomed.

Is this why I had trouble logging in on my phone yesterday?

This update is practically unusable for me. There's no longer any way to filter which subset of the friends-list is displayed, there's no option to choose a non-default userpic, as noted above there is no option to use custom security groups when posting, and there's no preview option for posts/comments: these are all essential functions, IMO. And even the image-handling that so many folks are praising here as an improvement is a step backward for me -- on my Blackberry, I now get unclickable image placeholders instead of the old optional click-for-scaled-preview, while viewing the m.livejournal page on a computer, either directly through a web browser or more indirectly via an iGoogle gadget, now has the embedded images coming through automatically at their full original size.

Being able to use the same consistent, uncluttered interface on my mobile phone and iGoogle homepage has been one of the single biggest things keeping me content to stay here instead of shifting to Dreamwidth; if this "update" is permanent and isn't tweaked to restore the missing functions, the playing field between LJ and the competition is going to be drastically levelled out as far as I'm concerned.

Edited at 2010-09-18 09:10 am (UTC)