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LiveJournal App for iPhone with Friends page!

Dear LiveJournal users:

We're pleased to announce the new LiveJournal App for iPhone! No matter where you go, you'll have access to more LiveJournal features.

Our new iPhone application lets you:
  • Read your Friends page

  • Post comments

  • Post entries to your journal and communities

  • Upload photos, text, and polls directly from your iPhone

  • Edit entries from your journal

  • Create and save drafts

  • Read and respond to personal messages

  • Read your Friends page, messages, and write drafts when you're offline

  • Manage settings to improve load times and protect privacy
We'll be posting regular release updates to keep you in the loop on new features, application updates, and enhancements. You can provide feedback by posting your comments at this entry. If you need immediate assistance with the mobile application, please contact a member of our support team. We look forward to hearing what you think!

See you on mobile LJ!
Tags: iphone, news, release

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