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LiveJournal App for iPhone with Friends page!
ex_dmitryko387 wrote in ljmobile
Dear LiveJournal users:

We're pleased to announce the new LiveJournal App for iPhone! No matter where you go, you'll have access to more LiveJournal features.

Our new iPhone application lets you:
  • Read your Friends page

  • Post comments

  • Post entries to your journal and communities

  • Upload photos, text, and polls directly from your iPhone

  • Edit entries from your journal

  • Create and save drafts

  • Read and respond to personal messages

  • Read your Friends page, messages, and write drafts when you're offline

  • Manage settings to improve load times and protect privacy
We'll be posting regular release updates to keep you in the loop on new features, application updates, and enhancements. You can provide feedback by posting your comments at this entry. If you need immediate assistance with the mobile application, please contact a member of our support team. We look forward to hearing what you think!

See you on mobile LJ!

I've used the app already and love it so far! Will comment back with more detailed feedback. :) Thanks!

Both new and older versions are bug-ridden, thou they have different bugs in different places.

E.g.: try to insert more than two photos at once. (After adding two photos the camera button gets disabled)
Tag competition does ignore case in the older app, but doesn't in the newer.

As for now, I stick to the older one.

Love the features, especially the multiple posting shortcuts.

Not super-thrilled at being unable to read comments in-app, but that's not the end of the world.

I am Deeply unhappy though, that I'm unable to use the iPhone's native spellcheck and correction system. Trying to write posts and comments without that is hugely frustrating, and really limits the enjoyment I can get from the app. I find I want to use some other app to write the post and then Copy/Paste it into the Livejournal app.

But even though I don't have much personal use for poll inclusion (yet), it really feels totally feature-rich and I'm very impressed by all of that.

LiveJournal App for iPhone with Friends page!

I agree. The lack of spell check is super difficult!!

Please add "Default View" and other friend filters. As it is, I can't get to my friends without wading through all the communities and feeds. I want to keep the feeds, but I don't want to see them ALL the time. Fix that and you have a winner!

Thanks for all the hard work.

This would be a great addition! That, and reading comments in-app, and it'd be *perfect*, IMO.

Great app! I am on it now. Thank yoi very very very much!!

When are you going to have one for Android!

Enquiring minds want to know!

LiveJournal App for iPhone with Friends page!

I love the app and I used it already! Great App! Thank you.

In regards to photos and polls - that pertains to all accounts, or just paid?

I have to put in my vote that you'll be able to do an iPad version in thoe near future. It's a nice app, but one of the reason I went for the pad instead of the phone was the ability to have a large keyboard so I can do something that resembles touch typing.

I second that! A HD one for the iPad would be amazing.

(Deleted comment)
ditto - ditto - and ditto some more.

my main thing would be wanting to read and respond to comments within the app, which one can't do yet.

Agreed. I decided to use the old (and privately built) LJ app and read the friends page from Safari.

I nearly love it - many thanks! But what about the multitasking support for iOS 4? The app starts every time from the beginning...

I'd like it to have a password lock specifically for the app. I downloaded it, but my journal is totally private and when people ask to play with my phone (because I have the new iphone) I was nervous they would read it so I had to delete it.

Just a thought, you can log out of your LJ account when you're done with it (or when you let your friends play with your phone).

It was hard to read and kept closing itself. Very annoying. I deleted it.

Yeah same here. Sucks too cause I was so excited to have an app for this =(

I wish it would post a notification when a new entry appeared on my friends page. I guess that would require work on the backend as well

The addition of the f-list was nice, but leaving a comment on a f-locked entry requires you to log in and view it in the browser, which defeats the purpose of having it in the app to begin with. I'll still use it for posting entries and photos, but for browsing I'll keep using the built in browser.

In future releases, it would also be nice to be able to add multiple accounts with saved passwords to switch between easier, as well as posting/viewing comments in-app. The auto-complete/spell check would be nice, too.