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Updated LiveJournal app for Android, v. 0.3
livejournal wrote in ljmobile
We are glad to announce a new version of the LiveJournal client for the Android platform.

With the latest version of the application you can:
  • read your friends page;
  • manage your friends' list ;
  • read comments and participate in discussons;
  • read journals and communities.

With the next update, we plan to improve Facebook and Twitter integration, bring LiveJournal ratings to your device and more.
You can leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments to this post. For technical support issues, please contact the LiveJournal support team.

Can't wait to try it out. Thanks!

Any chance of this app being available for the Nook Color/Tablet anytime soon? :D

looks good. Apart from one thing I've spotted in the first few seconds. dates on all comments are 01 January 1970 01:01

Yeah, it happens to me too!

I like it, but there's no inbox and no notifications

Just updated it and I'm loving it! \:D/

*goes to check this out*

EDIT: I like it, but when I tap on a picture...why do I get Russian text before it shows up? O_o
EDIT 2: Where can I see my inbox?

Edited at 2012-05-13 12:30 am (UTC)

Great update!

Only bug I've noticed so far is when tapping to reveal pictures... They never load properly, and the loading text is in Russian.

So, for those who've tried it, what are the benefits of using the app over using the device's web browser?

Hmmm I think it is faster and easier ;)

Not dowloading til I know: is anon commenting supported in this app?

It still doesn't work on my Xperia X10 mini. Just force closes when I try to load it. Oh well. I'll be upgrading soon, maybe try it again with new phone.

try eljay. It works flawlessly on x10 mini (pro).

But, this official version is also working on my x10 mini pro though...

It force closes when I try to open the comments in communities, and like others said loading text is in Russian.

I'm having the same issue with communities.

Damn! Wrote - No internet connection! All apps work, only this shity app wrote, no internet connection! Crazy damn shit! :(

Great news! Thank you!

works great with my Neo V except for the date on the comments...

Do I have to uninstall the old version and add the new version myself, or is there a way to get it to update itself? Because it doesn't seem to be offering.

I went into Google Play, searched for the app and when i selected it I was given the option to Update the existing app

great. much much better.

Nice, finally! I'm having the same problems with comment time-stamps but otherwise it seems to work quite well.

Does this fix the issue from the previous version, where the cursor keeps jumping to the end of the post? Really makes editing typos during a proofread a pain.

so far I've only tried to use it twice but it has force closed on me both times after I tried to log in.

Looks pretty good to me. No problems viewing images. I'm using it to post this comment.

Much better!!  So far everything is working wonderfully.

Looks pretty good, so far I only see the same detail with the dates in comments and the load in pictures, rest seems Ok.

More details:
- Takes at least a couple of tabs to open journals (may be my phone tho)
- Links take several tabs to open and even if it is a link  to other journal, it opens in the web browser


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