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Wait, so.. why can't we read our friendslist in the Android app yet? Any development going on? :]

I was just thinking the same!

Yes, development is in progress. FP will be available on Android app soon.

That's great news! Thanks.

ANNNND still nothing for Blackberry users.


Isn't Symbian gone? Isn't Nokia doing Windows Phone now? And LJ isn't supporting BlackBerry? Or eff, Windows Phone for that matter. Lamesauce.

I use the mobile site, but it hard core sucks.

I've tried the crappy mobile site several times and all my entries got lost in cyberspace. Not a single one of them posted.

They do seem to have improved that - I used to have that problem a lot, and I haven't had it the last few times I tried... but I don't use it much, so I don't know for sure.

I and someone else complained about it in the last go round of "We have something for everyone except Blackberry users. Yay!" post and they fixed it pretty quickly. I can log in the first time and, more importantly, post the first time! No more 5 tries.

Still, though, why are we the only platform without an app?!

I really don't like hijacking threads, but the Android app was introduced in April 2011, with annoying behaviours and without Friends page. No change so far.
As much as I'm happy for the Symbian and MeeGo folks, I'd love to see an Android update in the near future that allows me to actually use the app.

What about android users? We still can't read our friends page, please can't someone work on updating the Android app.

Like others have said, how about fixing the worthless android app? Literally the only thing it does is allow me to post, which I don't care to do from my phone. Oh, and it shows me a list of my friends, but I can't click on any of them to see their page. What a useful tool that is...

If you can create a functional app for a different phone, I don't see why you can't fix the one that is NOT functional. At least tell us you're working on it.

Yes, I wish they'd update us on the status of things. Like, "Hey, we're working to improve the Android app!" or "Hey, we're working on the BlackBerry app!" ... not just, "Hey, our app is now available for 1997 Palm Pilots!"

Another vote here for full functionality on Android please! I currently have ElJay to read on, and LiveJournal to post. The only reason I don't use ElJay to post is it doesn't allow posting to comms. But I'd rather use the official app for everything..

...who has a nokia phone....really?

srsly sort out the android app u racists

I guess I have a different app than other people for my android because I can read my friends page on it. Guess it isn't the official LJ Android app...

I've just re-installed the app for my iPhone and it still crashes every 20 seconds or so. Surely this should have been sorted before new apps for different phones were introduced?

Supporting Symbian while the Android app is not even capable of displaying basic stuff? Seriously?

А мне похуй у меня iPad !!!</p>

I have a windows 7.5 samsung focus with AT&T. Will you be offering an LJ app on Marketplace anytime soon?

Would be cool if one could read the friends-of-friends page too.

How about opensourcing it ?

This version sucks cannot read anything. All text is jammed together Upgrade id crap Completely useless.

Another vote for a Windows Phone app on the Marketplace. :). Would love to be able to use an app instead of the mobile site which is very hard for me to use. Whenever I click on "go to mobile version" it always gives me a "no parallel page" error and I have to manually go to the mobile site.

Posting from my HTC HD7 Windows Phone.

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