And when is there going to be an update for the Droid app??????

Yes, android please, with friends page capability

Nice to see how little you care about your Android users. Not everyone creams themselves for Apple, you know. We'd like an update too once in a while.

I can't even post to a comm from the lone version of the Android app you ever did.

Needs to be a way to view memorable post and possibly add them

I'm not quite sure how much clearer I can be:

As an Android user I can feel the love you have for us. You update constantly for the iPhone users but we are still stuck with a crappy app. Please start working on something for your DROID users.

Android app user here...I downloaded the LJ app when it first became available, but as far as I know it hasn't been updated since. Apple is not the only game in town.

An update to the Android app would be nice. I never use it the way it is right now, but if I would if I could read my friends page.

I love you live journal but this is getting ridiculous ANOTHER new update for the ipone but still the promised update for the Android app is AWOL? Please fix this. I can't even read my friends page on the current (and only) version available.

Thanks for your love, LJ-team!

/LJ Paid Account user and proud user of ANDROID!

Somehow it feels like there are more Android users than Apple fans how about sharing some of the love with us and not only the fruit gang?

Friends page capability would be nice, and also a way to avoid loading all userpics on the Droid automatically, instead of only their names and maybe descriptions. (That resulted in my Droid suddenly losing a whooping 15 MB of space and myself deleting the app at once.)

Most times I try to view a thread of comments, it crashes the app. It'd also be nice to be able to watch embeded media instead of just seeing the "embed media" button and not being able to do anything with it.

Yes the embedded media thing is so annoying

The lj app might be the most useless thing I've found in Android Market. Deleted it the same day I loaded it. Annoying thing is I'm sure if you ran a survey you'd find way more Droid than Apple users on lj.

+100500 to everything aforesaid about Android app...

будут ещё коментарии?

I agree with all the Android users here, not everyone is an apple lover and the app for Android is really BAD, an upgrade is necessary.

The last two trys at I-apps were... disappointing. It's easier just to bookmark the site when using an iPad.

I love the app but....

It'd be great to be notify when a friend upload a new post!

PS: I use an iPhone

Edited at 2011-08-16 11:15 pm (UTC)

Does it actually allow you to read ALL comments on an entry now, or are you still stuck if you want to read more than the first 80 or so comments?

I am not in love with the apps for the iPad or iPhone (I have both). I still do it the old fashioned way- thru the webpage. Works best for me

So goods but you must care about android user too .:)

As a Blackberry user, for whom apparently there is no love, it'd be nice if the mobile web site were updated. Fine, I can't have an app. I'm actually not too bent about that. But could my alternative entry to LJ work? Please? Because being kicked back to the log-in page after I've successfully logged in? Pain in the butt. And having to retry posting entries 4 times or more? Bigger pain. I'm just saying.

And this lack of care for the Droid users is why I use a third party app (ElJay). It isn't perfect but it's better than your option sadly.

And still nothing for us Blackberry users.

I have an iPhone and the app is great but I think I'd settle for an ok app if everyone got a fair shake I had no idea how bad off android was with this

iPad iOS 4.3.5 v1.1.1 (update)

1. Settings >> Post Defaults >> Security
Settings are kept. Good job!

2. Journals
List of journals was cleared.

3. Friends
Unable to load more than 2 weeks of past Friend entries. Even when data was cleared, still unable to view more than 2 weeks of data.

3.a. Friends >> YouTube
[PREVIOUS VERSION] I can select the embedded media, but it only displays the first frame and will not play the video.
[UPDATE v1.1.1] Getting a bit better, but unable to play some (YouTube) videos.

We will fix the List of journals thing and look into embedded videos, thanks.


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